• Lyle Neff

VOCM Radio. 'Patient simulator' brings VR to med school, says CyberPatient

Any tech that helps relieve the pressure on hard-working medical students is bound to benefit us all. Dr Karim Qayumi, CyberPatient founder and CEO, notes his 2.0 software even helps medical students train in cost management, a crucial skill in an era of constrained medical budgets.

Check out more of what the CyberPatient founder had to say in this feature, New Program Lets Med Students Practice on Virtual Patients.

"CyberPatient also gives training on... tracking and measuring the total financial impact of patient care.

It helps doctors learn to better manage the decisions that impact the cost of care for hospitals, since Dr. Qayumi says hospital administrators have to make life-and-death decisions with scarce resources."

The flight-simulator analogy here is a good one. Non-virtual passenger jets, like actual patients (ie, you and me!) are a bit too valuable to let newbies practice on. When you think about it, almost any kind of training could benefit from virtual tech.

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