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Techcouver. “$54m will help us hire 30+ in Vancouver” says health data platform Macrohealth

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Canadian health data platform MacroHealth raised an impressive $54m in their Series A funding round, and aim to hire 30+ technical roles out of Vancouver.

MacroHealth’s platform helps large healthcare payer organizations find the best provider networks for their members.

The USD $41 million dollar investment includes capital from NewSpring Capital, Providence Ventures and Triple Tree Capital Partners.

“MacroHealth is disrupting the US commercial healthcare industry, a $3.5 trillion marketplace.”

“Our contributions and role in the industry have helped us thrive and create opportunities in a disrupted economy. The healthcare and information services industry are both predicted to recover the fastest, and we’ve seen this come into play.”

With plans to expand the team, predominantly in Vancouver, MacroHealth is clear that they’re looking for talented individuals from across the board. Not just healthcare or insurance.

MacroHealth Chief HR Officer Sam Crumley shared more on the company’s hiring process:

“You don’t have to work in healthcare or insurance to come onto our radar. We just want to work with the best people, period,” says MacroHealth Chief HR Officer Sam Crumley.

Their message to future employees? “If you’re tired of going unnoticed in a big corporation and want to make a difference, join us. Compared to other privately-held companies at our stage, we offer competitive salaries in the market.”

Vancouver was recently named the top-growth tech city in North America, creating over 14,000 jobs in 2018 and 2019.

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