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Case Study. PR for an AI healthtech company

LUCID turns music into medicine by bringing together the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning with mental health and digital therapeutics. As more people opt to use non-invasive treatments to treat medical issues, the need for digital therapeutics and wellness has risen.

LUCID’s work highlights how effective the treatment of many health and wellness areas can be when integrating music with medical treatments.

As the company grew and more product lines and research studies were in the pipeline, LUCID needed a PR agency that would help them tell their story.

11 media hits + 1 podcast + 90+ million reach

Healthtech PR Challenge

For LUCID, it's all about awareness. Their mission was to showcase their AI tech and proving its therapeutic capabilities while also demonstrating that they are a non-invasive treatment for patients suffering with mental struggles.

In addition to this, LUCID also wanted to appeal to potential collaborations and partners that could ‘plug ‘n play’ LUCID’s technology with their own software.

Mind Meld PR’s campaign needed to highlight 3 aspects of LUCID:

  • LUCID’s clinically validated research and white paper

  • LUCID’s research in the Alzheimer's and dementia field

  • LUCID’s work in using music to alleviate mental health challenges

Tech PR Solution

Mind Meld PR crafted stories and releases that showed the different ways LUCID is creating clinically validated and non-invasive treatments for patients. In particular, Mind Meld PR investigated different aspects of LUCID, from their entrepreneurial beginnings to their work in dementia care.

Targeting journalists that cover artificial intelligence, healthcare, and technology, Mind Meld PR helped LUCID discuss everything from their AI software, the company’s origin story, and LUCID’s work in Alzheimers and dementia research.

Tech PR Results

Mind Meld PR’s campaign for LUCID culminated in a series of local and national results in the press through major outlets, blogs, and podcast interviews.

With Mind Meld PR’s outreach, LUCID was interviewed by major outlets like The Daily Beast, National Observer, and BetaKit.

One of LUCID’s biggest goals was to get more eyes on their recent medical white paper and upcoming research which they were able to do in discussion with outlets like Health Tech World, Sociable, and News Medical.

In addition to those, LUCID was featured on outlets like LTC News, BGR, and many more.

Is your tech startup ready to share their story? Get the coverage you need. Contact our tech PR agency and tell us your business and PR goals, we’ll do the rest.

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