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Case Study. Tech PR for a real estate app

Real estate platform HouseSigma helps bring transparency to the real estate market by empowering users with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.

The housing market has been on fire across Canada, with home buyers looking for different ways to figure out the market.

HouseSigma’s app is powered by AI that pulls historical real estate data from various boards. After analyzing the info, it creates easy-to-read graphs, reports, and listings. It provides everything a potential buyer might be looking for — including an estimate of how much the house would actually sell for.

After previously launching in Ottawa, HouseSigma was expanding into other major real estate markets — Toronto and British Columbia.

HouseSigma required an agency that would both promote the release of their platform in these new markets while also showcasing the expertise of the HouseSigma c-suite and team. With over 20 major media placements, Mind Meld PR helped do just that.

11 media hits + 1 podcast + 97+ million reach

Coverage in outlets like

  • CTV News

  • The Globe and Mail

  • Vancouver Sun

  • and many more!

Tech PR Challenge

Traditionally, the real estate industry isn’t exactly easy to understand and navigate. Prior to 2018, real estate data that is transparent and easy-to-read was difficult to come by due to past laws that prevented agents from publishing home sales data.

When those laws were overturned, trying to understand those numbers was confusing to home buyers who weren’t familiar with the process.

Mind Meld PR’s campaign needed to highlight 3 aspects of HouseSigma:

  • The platform’s expansion into British Columbia

  • Showcasing how the app is an easy-to-use source of information on house buying

  • Framing the platform as a place that is known for being honest and transparent about the data.

Tech PR Solution

Mind Meld PR took advantage of the spring/summer house buying season and the media’s interest in unique real estate stories. By using updated housing data and information pulled from their AI, Mind Meld PR framed HouseSigma as the go-to source for real estate stories.

By targeting journalists, Mind Meld PR's experts used HouseSigma data to establish their platform as a reliable, transparent source that has up-to-date information on what’s happening in each city’s real estate market. In their targeting, Mind Meld PR focused on everything from median price reports to highlighting specific features on the HouseSigma platform.

While the media coverage surrounding the real estate market was hot, Mind Meld PR swiftly connected HouseSigma’s agents with journalists and podcast hosts that were looking for experts.

Tech PR Results

Mind Meld PR’s campaign for HouseSigma culminated in a series of local and national results in the press through major outlets, blogs, and podcast interviews.

HouseSigma was used as a go-to source for current real estate data for outlets like Vancouver Sun, Daily Hive, and The Globe and Mail.

With Mind Meld PR’s work targeting BC reporters regarding HouseSigma’s expansion paid off — the platform was featured on multiple local and national outlets like Business in Vancouver, CTV Vancouver, and Maple Ridge News.

In addition to those hits, Mind Meld PR also connected journalists with HouseSigma, framing them as the best point of contact for real estate stories at publications like The Georgia Straight, Richmond News, Aldergrove Star, Burnaby Beacon, and many other outlets.

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