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Forbes. Convert your skills for the new digitized world, says tech hiring platform VanHack

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Thousands of jobs have been lost during the pandemic -- but there are plenty to be found in the tech world. Not a tech whiz? A minor detail that can be overcome.

You might question how previous experience as a marketer or professor could help you navigate a remote tech job. Through online courses or simple repositioning, your skill set can be easily transferred or transformed.

Ilya Brotsky, the founder and CEO of tech hiring platform VanHack, has seen firsthand how job applicants from different backgrounds can fit into tech roles.

In his latest Forbes article, Ilya offers some insights into how the tech industry is changing, for job hunters benefits:

“A 6-month course can get almost anyone into tech — as one former truck driver recently showed in the U.S. — so while many firms are scrambling to fill essential roles, they can also be proactive by building skills internally.

“Global firms like Amazon and PwC have already pledged to invest in reskilling their workforce, ensuring their employees will keep up with digitization. We’ve seen a growing demand for talent in e-commerce, e-learning, telehealth and fintech as these industries continue to boom due to the pandemic.”

It’s worth reminding ourselves that practically every industry has now been forced to make a presence for themselves online. From e-commerce to ed tech, consumers are using the internet for shopping, learning, socializing, health, finance, and more.

If you have experience in these industries firsthand, it may be an easy transition.

“There is not only a growing need for online teachers and coaches and more funding for course creators, but also an increasing demand for engineers, marketers, sales professionals and former professors who can help develop and scale ed tech companies.

“The Canadian healthcare system faces similar challenges related to social distancing, so we are seeing a similar boom here as well.

“One virtual care company recently went from hosting 1,000 online physician consulting sessions each day to 4,000 practically overnight because of Covid-19. This means that trained health professionals can join the tech economy.”

And for those brand new to an industry, there are plenty of free courses and tools available to get jobseekers started.

“Coding camps, technical schools and even schools for soft skills are turning online to help job seekers upskill quickly without going to expensive colleges with lengthy degree processes.”

Many companies have slowed their hiring down, but not all. Is your tech company thriving and growing during the pandemic? Let’s get your name out there. Contact a tech PR agency to get the coverage you need.



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