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Forbes. A smart grid could help us power up the future

Forbes. A smart grid could help us power up the future

Think you can’t live without your phone now? Who knows how tech will shake up your life? Well, some people do.

Along with a whole lot of other leading edge tech experts, here is what PCIS CEO Vaclav Vincalek had to say about the 13 emerging trends sure to shake up consumer tech.

A smart energy grid could make a huge change. Imagine if every parked car in a city helped power the city at night, effectively becoming a distributed battery system. As the sun comes up in the east, cars start charging, in turn powering homes, hospitals, etc. For consumers of electric cars, this could be a real benefit on their electricity bill and reduce pollution at the same time.

Not long ago we couldn’t even imagine the power of technology at our fingertips. Now we’re seeing major innovations such as autonomous cars, supersonic passenger airplanes and even screenless AR displays that will change how we live. The speed at which technology is advancing just keeps accelerating.



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