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Forbes. Smart cities will put people on the move, PCIS says

Forbes. Smart cities will put people on the move, PCIS says

Smart technology is changing the way we do business and adapting to new trends helps you stay ahead in the marketplace. There are many solutions out there and industry expert Vavclav Vincalek can help you find just the right one.

Check out Vaclav Vincalek’s commentary in 10 Industries And Services That Will Be Improved By 'Smart City' Technology

Smart cities will achieve integrated transportation. With an app, riders (both private and public) will get where they want to go in the way they want to go (e.g., the most scenic, cheapest, fastest). It could also help fast-forward municipal regulations over whether to even allow ride-sharing tech, how to implement bike lanes, how many tour bus companies they will allow to operate, etc. - Vaclav Vincalek, Pacific Coast Information Systems (PCIS) Ltd.

It seems like it was only yesterday that smart technology was nothing more than a fantasy. Now it’s here improving our quality of life and changing our whole ecosystem. Clean tech, smart medical equipment, autonomous transportation are just some things that will change our quality of life.

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