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Globe & Mail. Tech sector gets a boost, thanks to VanHack

Globe & Mail. Tech sector gets a boost, thanks to VanHack

There is a tech talent crunch in Canada. Our own tech sector is taking off in exciting ways, but then there’s the US companies that have set up shop in Toronto, Vancouver and everywhere in between. There’s a scramble happening for the best brains to power innovation.

And this story is getting plenty of play in national newspapers. Here’s a new column from one company that used tech recruiter VanHack to tap into the Global Talent Stream.

The change was made even more pronounced by companies such as Vanhack that have amplified the effectiveness of the policy. Vanhack recruits top-quality talent internationally at meet-ups they run all over the world. In the past few week, they’ve held these events in Nigeria, Brazil and India. After screening talent, they arrange for top talent to interview with top companies in the Canadian city to which the potential recruit is interested in relocating. When a match is made, they facilitate the immigration paperwork. Innovative companies such as this have put the Global Talent Stream program on steroids.

As the tech sector keeps growing, so will VanHack’s contribution to this exciting story.



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