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MedCity News. Healthtech can make the Covid-19 vaccine rollout a success, says Xcelrate UDI

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

There’s no such thing as a perfect plan. But there can be, if we use the right resources.

Healthtech Xcelrate UDI’s President Joan Melendez has seen firsthand how healthtech innovation can improve patient safety. With modern processes and tools in place, errors are reduced and time is saved.

Joan recently shared her thoughts on the healthcare outlet MedCity News, on how healthtech innovation can make the Covid-19 vaccine rollout a success.

Read on for an excerpt, or check out the full article here.

“Connect and utilize available databases to understand the full picture.

The vaccine is being delivered to 195 countries, with different databases and healthcare systems. There are 13 FDA databases that include information regarding medical recalls alone, others for adverse events, and different states have different healthcare systems. And that’s just in the US.

Healthtech solutions help us bring together data from different healthcare organizations, manufacturing and distributing facilities, and government departments into a centralized location. When managed correctly, this data can be shared and used in a confidential and beneficial way.

Linked applications can allow healthcare facilities to record and track adverse events and medical recalls to improve patient safety at the point of care. But the current communication gap between organizations means this critical information is not easily accessible by providers at the point of care/administration.

Healthtech companies can provide an easy and integrated way to present these recalls so that defective and expiry vaccines are not used on patients. Crucial touchpoints between government, manufacturers and healthcare providers can be established by improving communication and database accessibility.

There are countless types of databases and variables we’ve noted that need to be tracked and used.

Healthtech does the job that no human can replace: data collecting, tracking, and automation, at an unchallenged speed and accuracy.”

Healthtech companies are becoming increasingly invaluable in today’s climate. Has your healthtech company got an innovative solution to share? Struggling to get the coverage you need?

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