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Forbes. Machine learning can help insurance companies make better bets, says Vaclav Vincalek

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Machine learning could help insurance companies make better bets, says Vaclav Vincalek

Machine learning is one of those technologies that can change everything, often in ways that are hard to predict. Forbes Magazine recently featured a roundup of some of the ways that machine learning will change the world. And once again, we have 555 vCTO Founder Vaclav Vincalek putting on his futurist hat, in 13 Tech Leaders Share Industries That Can See Big Benefits From ML:

Insurance companies will take full advantage of machine learning to fine-tune their risk calculations so they always come out ahead—they’re already doing this. I can’t say whether this will work out in favor of the consumer until every insurance company adopts machine learning and they must compete again on price.

Some other ideas that came out of this roundup that struck us as pretty darn cool: AI strengthening the global supply chain (which seems timely given the road bumps for the vaccine supply chain in the midst of our pandemic; machine learning applied to medical facilities to deliver more proactive health benefits; and improving the effectiveness of humanitarian aid.



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