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Our white-label NFT marketplace will make crypto accessible for all, says crypto CoinOS

Non-fungible tokens are the buzzword of 2021 -- and for artists and creators that know what they’re doing, there’s a healthy buck to be made.

Thanks to crypto startup CoinOS, this cryptocurrency has become even more accessible and affordable for individuals and businesses.

The BC-based company launched their white-label NFT marketplace, giving companies and individuals the opportunity to sell their products using NFTs. Whether it’s a physical object or a digital creation, it can all be tokenized.

CoinOS Lead Developer and Founder Adam Soltys spoke to Techcouver about his inspiration for CoinOS:

“My goal was to make Bitcoin usable for anyone, not just cryptocurrency early adopters. The key to that was removing hurdles for users and making it as easy as possible.

With CoinOS, you don’t have to install an app. You click one button and you’re ready to go. You can send a payment anywhere in the world. It’s instantly there.

“Now, the NFT marketplace offering is an extension of that idea. We’re so excited about the possibilities.

“We’re working with some of the most innovative companies in the world, and also aiming to enable traditional companies to get on board with this amazing new technology. It’s an exciting time.”

CoinOS reduces the cost of jumping on the NFT trend massively. CEO Kris Constable shared more about the benefit of their platform compared to previous options:

“Under the status quo for NFTs, a seller often pays over $50 USD to tokenize a single piece of artwork before they sell it.”

“If they want to sell dozens or hundreds of pieces, those costs add up. If they’re a struggling artist or bootstrapping entrepreneur, it’s really costly.

“But with CoinOS, their cost goes down to just 3 cents per tokenized item. Fifty dollars versus under a nickel — and you can see, it’s so much easier to get started.”

Along with their NFT marketplace, CoinOS’s Bitcoin web wallet and platform gives even the newest crypto users the opportunity to send, receive and convert Bitcoin, Liquid and Lightning.

You can read the full article to learn more about CoinOS and their plans for the future.

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