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Case study. PR Campaign for B2B Marketing Software

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

The Vancouver marketing-software company Unbounce was preparing to launch an AI-powered landing-page tool, Smart Traffic. After retaining Mind Meld PR to boost their media profile for the big debut, Unbounce maximized their media footprint, setting the stage for accelerated growth.

Public Relations Challenge

The Smart Traffic launch marked a strategic shift in direction for the innovative SME. Unbounce’s marketing people wanted media coverage to support the launch. Smart Traffic was the first AI-powered software of its kind, and Unbounce needed to tell its story across multiple tech, business, marketing and general-interest media segments.

The campaign also required some nimble adaptation, as the multiple media segments required additional customization as feedback came in from targeted reporters. Mind Meld PR would need to turn on a dime to take advantage of these media opportunities for the client.

Public Relations Campaign

The Mind Meld team mapped out media covering the B2B, technology and marketing space, looking for paths to different audiences. We identified key outlets interested in the sector and targeted active, reputable journalists with detailed outreach.

Mind Meld PR built a large Smart Traffic campaign, with successive pre- and post-launch iterations, reaching out to online, TV, print and radio outlets. With the outreach machinery in motion, the team worked to build relationships with significant reporters across a range of outlets to support the company’s story.

Mid-way through the campaign, Mind Meld PR recognized that some reporters felt that “landing-page optimization software” was just too tech-y for their general audience. It was necessary to pivot. Fortunately, Unbounce had another great story to tell: one of diversity and inclusion.

Quickly pivoting, Mind Meld built a new press release and outreach messaging around the issue, noting the company’s 50-50 gender split and connecting it to headline events of the day. Unbounce was promptly back in the news.

Public Relations Campaign Results

The proactive strategy delivered almost immediate success with supported MarTech Advisor and Forbes appearances. Media interest was high from the start, and uptake for Smart Traffic rapidly expanded.

After the inclusion pivot, Unbounce gained more traction in BetaKit and The Daily Hive, to say nothing of BC syndication through Business in Vancouver and mention in the national media.

With over a dozen placements, interviews and thought-leadership placements in key media, Unbounce was able to bolster its position as a leader in the B2B tech-marketing space -- and drive revenue and growth.

“Mind Meld PR got serious notice for our Smart Traffic product,” Unbounce’s PR director said. “And narratives about our company they helped craft keep surfacing in the media to this day. Mind Meld really helped kick off a whole new level of growth for us.”

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