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Case Study. Public relations for Digital Transformation Consulting

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Future Infinitive is a consulting company founded by a team with expertise in digital transformation. The Vancouver-based technologist and entrepreneur Vaclav Vincalek put 30+ years of experience launching and advising leading-edge tech companies to good use in the new venture.

They needed a way to promote his thought leadership and expertise in AI, big data, machine learning and aligning technology with business objectives. Needing media expertise, they turned to Mind Meld PR for help.

Today, they are featured as expert sources across a wide range of media. Their business brand is growing fast, translating into instant credibility for the new venture.

Tech PR Case Study for Digital Transformation consulting

The Tech PR Challenge

The team’s new venture aimed to capitalize on Vincalek’s reputation as a successful tech business founder and advisor. Mind Meld PR would need to target serious publications dealing with advanced topics such as machine learning trends, data collection privacy and scalability.

They would need to showcase Future Infinitive's expertise in digital transformation services, such as advice on AI deployment, migration to the cloud and enabling of new, purely-online business models.

The Tech PR Solution

Mission in hand, Mind Meld PR set about mapping the world of high-tech thought leadership in the key digital-transformation areas identified. This enabled Mind Meld PR to put out press releases and thought-leadership to major news outlets. They also arranged for Vincalek to build the Future Infinitive brand at events.

Mind Meld PR focused on developing productive press relationships with technology reporters and high-profile publications focusing on topics like big data, machine learning and B2B enterprise solutions enabling radical disruption in business.

Tech PR Results

The Future Infinitive team today are a leading presence in publications like Forbes,CMSWire, TechTarget, Digital Trends and Betakit. The company has favourable mention in Fox Business and Yahoo Finance. Future Infinitive is taking off and their insights about tech development are being recognized.

“Mind Meld helped me scale Future Infinitive up fast. They strategize with you, and they execute,” Vaclav Vincalek said. “They hunt down every opportunity, and they get media results.”

Need help getting media coverage for your digital transformation consulting company?

Digital transformation is always a hot topic. So, how do you get your company to stand out? We can help.

Contact Mind Meld PR to help your digital transformation consultancy get the media coverage you need.


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