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Case Study. Public Relations for Health Tech App

Updated: May 19, 2021

The FDA estimates that more than 80,000 people have died because of recalled medical devices and products -- and that’s just in the last decade. Healthtech company Xcelrate UDI is working to change this, led by patient advocate and CEO Joan Melendez.

Xcelrate UDI wanted to gain media coverage for their product, partnerships and business successes, and to raise brand awareness.

Public Relations Challenge

Xcelrate UDI’s solution solves a problem that much of the public remains unaware of, making their story slightly harder to understand and relate to. It’s a technical solution for a technical problem, involving complex regulations from a web of governmental and quasi-governmental agencies.

This challenge applied even to reporters and publications focused on the healthcare industry, who are used to dealing with complexity and nuance.

With the COVID pandemic dominating health-related news in 2020, the professional challenge grew. What made Xcelrate UDI timely and relevant in a COVID-stricken world?

Public Relations Campaign

Mind Meld PR helped Xcelrate UDI to craft talking points that would break through the complexity and develop story themes that would resonate both with health-focused reporters and their audiences. They also crafted press releases, pitches and thought leadership articles.

The various pitches highlighted Xcelrate UDI’s connection to trending news topics around medical equipment recalls during COVID, recalled breast implants and other kinds of situations.

By skillfully tying stories into the COVID vaccine rollout, highly relevant to Xcelrate UDI’s offering, Mind Meld PR was able to demonstrate the client’s expertise.

Mind Meld PR also took advantage of incoming media queries, ensuring the client’s strong bench of experts could respond in interviews.

Blog posts, LinkedIn pulse and interviews were published on Xcelrate UDI’s channels. This helped build a larger education piece around medical recalls, and rightfully position the health tech company as the leading experts in this field.

Public Relations Results

Joan and Dawon regularly featured in the press on the respective topics of expertise. As a female founder in the tech industry, Joan gave her valuable insights on Ideamensch, Authority Magazine, and Thrive Global.

She spoke on multiple healthtech focused podcasts about the company and the medical recall industry, interviewed on Ihealthradio, Building The Future, Lead That Thing, Reimagining Healthcare, Healthtech Hustle, eHealth Radio Network, and Healthcare Disrupted.

With his experience in HR and operations, COO Dawon spoke on different matters, with his thoughts being featured in Rise on Medium, publishing on LinkedIn Pulse, and the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder -- which led to three syndications.

The latest launch was of a vaccine-tracking component to their application, featured alongside Microsoft, Accenture and Cerner in HIT Consultant.

Does your healthtech company need their name in the news? We can help

We work with innovative healthtech companies to help translate complex technologies into engaging content.

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