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Techcouver. Algorithmic codes equal big financial gains, says Victor Hogrefe

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Algorithms, stock exchange, machine learning? These words tend to spike fear in the heart of the average person, but EonLabs has made navigating the convoluted uncomplicated.

In a recent feature in Techcouver, CBO Victor Hogrefe, explains how the company works to turn high-risk investments into high yielding financial returns:

“Our quantitative trading software, algorithm, and strategies lets fund managers achieve amazing gains for their investors by taking advantage of momentary dips and jumps in the market,” Hogrefe explains.

This new style of investing has already proven itself a success:

EonLabs officially launched last month and already over $20 million in digital assets are managed using its trading system. The company doesn’t directly work with investors to make trades. Instead, it is now allowing wealth management firms to offer this AI-powered trading system to their investors.

Most trades conducted on stock exchanges around the world today are actually algorithmic in nature. This includes high frequency funds, and other quant funds looking to cash in on tiny discrepancies in markets on very short timescales. “The old way that we often imagine, with people shouting on a stock market trading floor and buying and selling, or even traders sitting behind a computer in a cubicle, that’s increasingly rare,” Hogrefe explains.

“Today, by using machine learning, an algorithm can see opportunities that may exist for only a few seconds at a time. It can recognize when panic selling is happening, or perhaps investors seem to be making irrational or emotional buying decisions. The algorithm ultimately lets us buy low and sell high faster and more effectively than other trading systems out there – and we’ve got the returns to prove it.”

EonLabs has revolutionized what it means to make money in the markets by harnessing the power of algorithms and blockchain technology. That makes it easier for investors to see big ROI without needing to put in big time and energy.

This kind of innovation is of the utmost importance when it comes to finding success as a business. Looking to have your innovative company become the talk of the town too? It’s our passion to help tech startups take their companies to the next level.

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