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Time magazine. VanHack helps reverse the tech brain drain

It's not every day that a Vancouver tech company makes it into Time magazine. And how fitting that it is VanHack in a story about how the tech sector is growing. That's a tech company that helps Canadian tech companies tap into a world of talent so they can grow. We're so proud of them!

VanHack, a recruiting platform, recently brought 126 Brazilian workers to a company in the Canadian prairies whose native workers kept moving to Toronto and Vancouver. The platform has 70,000 skilled tech workers looking to relocate to Canada and Europe; it does not help these people go to the United States because the process is too difficult, said Ilya Brotzky, VanHack’s CEO.

Not so long ago, Canada was the place where American companies (not just the ones in Silicon Valley, either) poached a lot of their top tech talent. It still happens.

But more and more, Canada is a place where both local firms and world-leading companies like Amazon and Microsoft are setting up shop. Why? Because Canada makes it easier to hire the best talent in the world. And that seems awfully good for VanHack's business model. That's what makes this awesome news.



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