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BetaKit. We’re sourcing new tech talent from Vancouver, says health data platform MacroHealth

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Health data platform MacroHealth is using their Series A funding round to hire 30+ tech roles out of Vancouver, as well as developing their platform and commercial work.

MacroHealth was founded in 2017, with a mission to create Intelligent Health Markets.

The platform gives payer customers the opportunity to manage, plan and optimize their healthcare procurements costs -- which is the largest expense for those organizations.

Despite the disrupted economy, MacroHealth has been thriving. BetaKit reports on how the health data platform is changing the industry:

“Procurement is considered to be a major barrier to the commercialization of technology for the healthcare industry in Canada.

“MacroHealth’s analytics and connectivity platform is designed to give payers in the healthcare industry data enhancement, analytical tools, and market benchmarking to design provider network solutions to optimize the procurement of health services.”

But it’s not just the industry landscape -- it’s the people and culture that matter.

Toufic Boubez, CPO and CTO at MacroHealth, says the uniqueness of their company comes down to the balance between growth and an open culture:

“This initial round of funding has given us plenty of resources to grow the company over the next few years.

“Even as we grow, we’re maintaining a culture that excludes bureaucracy and red tape that often threatens expanding startups. Employees have easy access to new opportunities for growth, and are encouraged to take the initiative to expand their skill sets.”

Despite Seattle being known for its tech success, Vancouver talent and tech companies have nabbed their prime spot.

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