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Are you a visionary leader? You might be right for Executive PR

Public relations isn’t just for businesses. It’s for visionary leaders, CEOs, Marketing VPs.

The better you look, the better your business looks, and more you can grow. So if you’ve got lessons to share, news to announce, or opinions worth hearing, our Executive PR package might be right for you.

We know that being self-promotional doesn’t come naturally to everyone -- but the value in your personal brand is endless.

If you’re still on the edge, we’ve answered some of the most common questions we get from the savvy c-suite leaders to help you make up your mind.

“How will this support my business objectives?”

PR for business objectives

Let’s take a wild stab and say your business objectives are to grow your presence, nurture your audience, and improve your personal brand. Sound about right?

The Executive PR can help you with exactly that. Personalized thought leadership and social media helps translate big ideas into valuable content. The more quality content you have published, the more influential your presence is -- and the more easily you’ll be able to grow your business.

A successful PR campaign will help you naturally improve what and how you communicate too. Our hands-on approach means we’ll be passing our expertise on to you to improve all aspects of your communication.

“How will you produce content for me every month?”

We get media hits for clients every month. How? Reactive PR.

Reactive PR is an opportunity to answer journalist queries and contribute to future articles. It’s a service that not all PR experts use, but hey, their loss is our gain. (Maybe you should switch to the Mind Meld PR agency…)

Once we’ve pinpointed your areas of expertise, we can start responding to journalist queries with your input. Over time, the library of answers has value in itself.

“How much of my time will this take?”

PR for business objectives

We don’t bother you with unnecessary questions or queries that we can answer ourselves with a quick search. After an initial briefing, we’ll check in with you once a week over video, and add/take away meetings when we need.

The amount of time we need from you will decrease over time. The more familiar we become with your personal brand, the more we can pick and choose opportunities and create custom content based on our work together.

“Have you worked in fintech/AI/healthtech/other industry?”

We haven’t worked in fintech, healthtech, AI, cleantech or built a piece of software. But we know how to make tech make sense.

We’ve worked with clients in almost every tech niche, without spending a single day building a piece of tech. Through experience, research, and a curiosity that could put journalists to shame, our speciality is translating complex ideas into simple but engaging content.

If there are super niche areas you’d like us to zone in on, we can make that happen too.

“If we hire you, does that mean my articles will be guaranteed to be published in major publications?”

No. We won’t lie to you. Not all of our pitches turn into media coverage. And if any PR agency tells you otherwise, they’re lying.

The success of a PR campaign doesn’t rely solely on coverage. A slower month might equal more time spent on your own personal content, a website rebrand, or social media management. Depending on your personal news and goals, this will change.

Traditional PR is focused on media hits in an outlet. But in a modern world, podcasts, blogs and other outlets hold a lot of clout.

We focus on your personal brand, your audience, and industry, to find out how best to reach your target audience.

A feature on Page 5 of a generic newsletter may seem impressive -- but an interview in a podcast that’s targeted directly at your audience? Much better.

“Do you have examples of other executives and the results you’ve got?”

Of course.

You can check out our case study for Digital Transformation Consulting to get an idea of our process and results for Executive PR clients.

“Who isn’t the Executive PR package for?”

PR for business objectives

You’ll be part of the c-suite one day. We believe in you.

But if you’re not there yet, this package may not be for you. A requirement for the Executive PR package is for you to be, well, an executive of some sort. A leader, by title.

If you think the Executive PR Package might be for you, or if you have more questions, contact our tech PR firm.


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