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BC Business. Effectively reach your audience with Quantum Pigeon, says Alex Clark

Facebook was once the most popular platform. Now, it’s where the kids say their parents live. Instagram gets similar abuse at times. So what options do influencers and content creators have? How can they engage with their audience?

Entrepreneur Alex Clark believes he has created the answer: Quantum Pigeon. In an interview with BC Business, Alex describes what he believes will be his second winning startup:

Messaging app Quantum Pigeon strives to help lifestyle influencers and content creators more authentically engage with audiences to monetize their brands. “It’s really geared at the messaging side,” says Clark, “with an initial launch focus on the influencers and content creators—to help them reach their audience more effectively, which they’re having a hard time with today on Instagram and YouTube.”

“We’re following two very major trends right now,” he says. “We’ve got the content creators, who are going to post premium content and message and interact with their fans, and do that sort of thing, which is booming quite strongly; the whole creator economy is taking off quite a bit. Certainly it was accelerated by COVID, but was always going to be taking off anyway.”

The other “megatrend,” as Clark terms it, is the “ditch Facebook, ditch WhatsApp play,” he explains. “We showed some recent college grads the product and told them what it was about. They were super excited and said, basically, I don’t use Facebook or Instagram; that’s what my parents use.”

Alex co-founded Bit Stew in 2008 shortly after arriving in Vancouver -- the company was later sold to General Electric for $205 million.

He explained his decision to create tech startups in British Columbia rather than Silicon Valley:

“There seems to be more of a community focused around helping and success here, which is really nice,” he says. “In Silicon Valley there are a lot of players, a lot of people, but also a culture of Hey, I’ve been here for two years, I’m going to bail and go to something else now, and up my salary by 30 percent or whatever, that I haven’t seen here. And that was really surprising to me, the loyalty and the amount of time people stay.”

Vancouver is often hailed as Silicon Valley North, and we think that just about proves it. Are you about to launch your tech startup in Vancouver? Looking to get the word out?

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