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GoBankingRates. Companies are the ones who need to attract candidates, says Scott Hirsch

The COVID-19 pandemic was a catalyst of change that no one saw coming. With everything moving to the virtual landscape, we faced a digital transformation that made the demand for high-skilled tech candidates increase exponentially.

In British Columbia alone, tech job opportunities are now 30% higher than pre-pandemic levels - but there are not enough qualified workers to fill them. Not only that, the world is experiencing one of the biggest resignation levels since 2000.

If there are more jobs available and people are quitting, how do companies hire workers? Scott Hirsch, CTO and co-founder of recruitment platform TalentMarketplace, makes it clear in the GoBankingRates article.

We are experiencing a major labor shortage, so the power is in the hands of job seekers now. Companies are the ones who need to attract candidates — not the other way around.

And one of the ways companies are trying to attract candidates to their job applications is by offering higher pay.

Salary is the No. 1 factor workers use to determine which jobs to apply for, and it may be of even more importance given the current job climate. In a tight labor market, employers should be doing all they can to attract candidates to fill openings, and not listing a salary on a job posting could turn prospective employees off.

Not being upfront about pay can waste both the candidate’s and company’s time if it turns out expectations are not in alignment. In fact, the top deal-breaker when interviewing for a job is learning the starting salary is lower than what is posted on the job description

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