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Lifewire. Digital twin technology can foresee how climate change will affect us, says

Do you ever wish that you could scan your room and create an indistinguishable digital counterpart? With digital twin technology, you can. But we’d recommend using it for something greater — like saving culture.

It’s something that, a data science company that uses digital twins, is assisting with. Recently Lifewire published a feature about nations struggling with climate change that are looking to make a digital twin of its culture just in case disaster strikes.

Creating digital twin copies of entire countries might actually be the only way to save information, research, and history from climate change.

"There is probably no better way to simulate 'what if' scenarios than with digital twin technology," Bob Rogers explains to Lifewire.

Digital twin technology gives us the power to preemptively see and test different scenarios in the future based on our actions now.

By using digital twin technology, nations struggling with climate change can model everything from weather patterns to running simulations to gauge how a system might react based on a particular climate related event.

"Digital twins essentially create a replica of the environment you want to test. And once created, AI systems can run scenarios based on the parameters that you change. In the case of Tuvalu, it can simulate climate change conditions like rising sea levels and 'foresee' how those conditions will affect the island nation."

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