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Look for ambition over ego to build a community, says Taha Elraaid

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Amid the pandemic, Great Resignation, and any other big challenges over the past year, communities are scattered. People are moving jobs, moving countries, starting remote work.

While this is all incredibly empowering, the impact on the networks and communities we’ve built is tricky. In a world of remote work and blossoming startups, how can we build supportive networks?

Taha Elraaid, founder and CEO at Lamah Technologies, had the challenge of building a tech community from scratch -- in Libya.

In his latest Forbes article, he highlighted how individuals or companies can take the first step in building a community:

We know the value of a network. But what is less talked about, is how best to network in the 21st century. The way we communicate has changed. It’s no longer just events and work. It’s social media, online groups and forums — even platforms like Reddit. Connections are everything. One “I’m a friend of X” can make all the difference.

So, start with the people you know. Whether it’s a friend, an old colleague or even a family member, ask around. Who do they know in your industry? Or even, do they know an entrepreneur in any industry? Not only can this help grow your network, but a local entrepreneur may also have access and connections to other resources and people.

So you’ve started building that community. You’re finding people, meeting new connections. But how do you sort the ‘good’ from the ‘bad’?

Taha commented on how you can identify the people that will stick with you for the long run:

As you start building a community, it can be tough to find people who want to stick around for the long term. Look for foundational individuals who can guide and support the growth of the group. Look for people who are goal-oriented.

I found that some of the smartest tech graduates in Libya were slotted into the day-to-day, normal tech jobs. But it’s not because of a lack of talent — it’s because of a lack of opportunities. Create growth opportunities within your network that will appeal to the right candidates. Look for individuals who are more focused on growth than a reward.

Has your company been instrumental in the local tech scene? Are you building a community or supporting talent? Let’s talk. We love working with industry experts that are making a difference in the tech scene.

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