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The Street. No industry is immune from cyber-attacks, says Alex Lam

Now more than ever, Canadians are concerned about impending cyberattacks. With the Ukraine-Russian war at the forefront of everyone’s minds, Canadian industries are quickly trying to figure out how to best protect themselves from virtual weapons.

Although regular folk never had to fret too much about the potential threat of their private platforms being attacked, now every person needs to be proactive – and TechDemocracy, a cybersecurity company that recently launched their Canadian office, is ready to assist.

As the Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer at TechDemocracy, Alex Lam has seen cybersecurity become a thriving industry in Canada – a direct response to the rise of cyberattacks.

In a recent report for The Street, Alex Lam shared his perspective on why industries need to seriously think about threats of cyberattacks:

Once again, given the precedent to pinpoint these important industries, politically motivated attacks on these critical sectors are anticipated. Whether it be the energy sector overall or the recent Solarwinds hack of Microsoft (MSFT) , there appears to be no limit to the size and scale of these attacks.

"No industry is immune from cyber-attacks, and considering the current situation financial and banking sectors, Healthcare, Telecom and energy are more vulnerable than others," advised Alex Lam, Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer at TechDemocracy.

The company is fulfilling Canadians’ needs for customized, cybersecurity and identity management services – in public and private sectors – to best protect themselves against broad cyber threats.

It’s not just big corporations that need to be concerned — small businesses and individuals need to be proactive instead of reactive in their approach to cybersecurity.

Speaking further to The Street, Lam describes that cloud providers—Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft—are already spending more to defend their management systems. For small businesses and private individuals, Lam believes more focus should be placed on password protection and personal digital security.

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