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The Plug. Clean tech has the potential to save lives, FigBytes

Climate change is a global issue, unhindered by borders or oceans. But the impact it has on people is often influenced by their demographic. While the climate might not discriminate, governments and urban planning do.

Cleantech companies that focus on ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) bring these very inequalities to light. Best of all, they help companies figure out how to improve.

A recent article by The Plug explores the benefits clean technology can bring to marginalized communities in America. ESG-focused pioneers FigBytes helps companies and governments plan, track and fulfil goals along their environmental, social, governance (ESG) journey. Their platform helps integrate strategy, align data, report on progress, and engage stakeholders.

But to make a holistic change, companies need to understand the full impact of their operations on the environment.

Founder and CEO of FigBytes, Ted Dhillon emphasizes the importance of data analysis on a global scale. He explains how technology has the potential to open doors to data acquisition that would otherwise be impossible to access.

“To understand clean technology’s true value, organizations need to first understand the current state of all energy consumption across operations and then measure how adoption can create efficiencies,” Ted Dhillon, founder and CEO of FigBytes, an integrated ESG manager, told The Plug.

FigBytes data analytics helps companies to achieve their larger social goals beyond maximizing corporate gains. They present firms with their carbon footprint and then suggest tailored internal changes a company can make to decrease their environmental externalities.

To date, FigBytes has tracked over 20 million metric tonnes of carbon emissions for customers through automation of data capture and calculations. This work helps businesses to report on climate frameworks and commitments. Dhillon said the data can help companies examine their carbon footprint and set new plans for a sustainable future.

FigBytes works to empower firms with knowledge. Facts and figures are undeniable.

Is your cleantech company helping create change with their technology? We can help tell your story.

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