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Entrepreneur. A niche business has to sell and educate simultaneously, says Joan Melendez

Building brand awareness can be a challenge for any new company. But for a super niche business that the media has yet to address? It is especially difficult.

Healthtech founder Joan Melendez shared a few strategies she used to boost awareness of the company in her latest Entrepreneur article. As the founder and president of a health tech business, she understands the hurdles of innovative startups.

There are two areas of focus that every business owner should be eyeing: their knowledge and reputation in the industry. If executed well, the two easily complement each other.

Building a personal brand and associated relationships helps position both you and your company as leaders. You can then use that earned status to generate referrals and strategic partnerships among other companies. And if you already have such partnerships in place, then set about making that publicly clear — the real-life equivalent of an “As Seen In” section on a website.

Melendez points out that you need to understand all your audiences (partners, investors, customers, or media) and be able to explain your business to each one in a language that they can understand:

All companies should be able to sum up their product or service in a 30-second pitch. And there are four main groups you’ll need to engage: potential customers, potential investors, the media, and fellow industry professionals. The pitch for each needs to be informative and relatable.

Let me demonstrate.

“Healthtech company Xcelrate UDI harnesses the power of the UDI and barcode scanning to improve patient safety at the point of care.”

This might make sense to healthcare professionals who are aware of what a UDI is, and potential customers facing issues related to this. But the media? Investors? Unlikely.

At the same time, “dumbing it down” for the media or even the general public may not give customers or colleagues the information they need, either. For example:

“Our technology protects patients from dangerous medical products.” Okay, but how? The key is finding the balance between informative and succinct.

As Melendez notes, with digital media, there are various ways you can share the information you need - social media, websites, podcasts. The trick is knowing how to use each one to your advantage.

A niche business faces the challenge of selling and educating simultaneously. In the vast realms of social media, web content, media, podcasts, and the like, you’ve got all the opportunities you need to share information.

So where should you be educating your audience? Keep in mind the tried and true five “W”s and an “H” when creating and sharing educational content:

• Who are you speaking to, and how will that change your language or approach?

• What action do you want people to take after reading the content?

• Where are you publishing content?

• Why are you using this specific channel or sharing this piece of information?

• When will you share content, and…

• How often?

That way, people get to know you and trust you to solve their problems.

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