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Case Study. Public Relations for Enterprise SaaS

Updated: May 19, 2021

Cira Apps Ltd. is a SaaS enterprise firm based in Silicon Valley. It needed to grow its revenue stream. One historic challenge for the company: getting brand recognition in a crowded space.

The company’s founder and their CTO used Mind Meld PR to build up its media presence in business and technology-focused publications, while using public relations content to buttress its inbound content marketing strategy.

Tech PR Challenge

Cira Apps Ltd. was gaining traction in its niche, serving 7,500+ enterprise customers by mid-2019 -- but it wanted faster growth to achieve business objectives. Cira Apps’ CMO decided that public relations could help create brand awareness to help its business get to the next level.

“We needed help telling our story to tech and business journalists, here in Silicon Valley and beyond, to help give credibility to our inbound marketing efforts,” their CMO explained.

Tech PR Solution

Mind Meld PR began developing a PR strategy in collaboration with the SaaS enterprise company’s key stakeholders. Next, deep research provided insight into the company’s core offering, competitive advantage and history, the better to tell the company’s story.

Next, Mind Meld undertook extensive targeting of journalists and outlets interested in SaaS enterprise solutions. The focus was on general business and technology publications that would be interested in thought leadership from the founder.

Combining proactive and reactive media strategies, Mind Meld PR created concurrent campaigns built around timely press releases to online, print, TV and radio publications. Next, the tech PR team engaged editors who welcomed thought leadership content.

Tech PR Results

In just six months, Mind Meld PR obtained dozens of earned media hits and thought-leadership placements for the SaaS enterprise client in reputable outlets like Forbes, CMSWire, TheNextWeb, and The Weekly Trends.

“At first, we were in a bit of a PR building phase, as they helped with strategy and our first PR pitches -- and then suddenly we started seeing a burst of real results, which sped up over the next few months, as reporters kept hearing about us,” their CMO said.

“On top of all the media attention, we were able to easily adapt the huge volume of content they were creating into emails, newsletters, blog posts and other marketing materials. It was like we got a 2-for-1 PR agency and content marketing agency, all in one. It definitely helped our business to grow at a critical time.”

Need help getting media coverage for your enterprise SaaS company?

We should talk! If you're an enterprise SaaS looking to share your story, contact Mind Meld PR now.


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