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Startup Thread. Test your candidate's skills, not their patience, says Qaid Jivan

It's hard to find the right candidate for a job a the best of times. But hiring for a role you have no experience doing? That's even harder. Throw in a global pandemic and some desperation and you've got yourself a recipe for disaster.

TalentMarketplace's CEO, Qaid Jivan, shared some tried and true tips to help anyone find the best person for the role you need to fill in a recent Startup Thread piece:

The hiring manager who onboarded the guy in the earpiece? They were desperate. They were doing the work of several people and needed help pronto. Being so focused on the end goal, they ended up missing key details throughout the hiring process.

Interviews are about getting to know a person and selecting the best candidate for the job. When you’re too focused on just making the hire, you’re not considering how to make the best hire. The best way to determine a candidate’s value is by really digging into their resume.

Don’t ask generic questions. Instead, ask for specific examples that link to their past job experience. Then dive in deeper — what tools or technologies did they use? Did anyone push back against their work? How did they manage this? These types of insider questions will help you avoid being wooed by someone who interviews well, or worse, an earpiece guy.

With a well-thought out interview process, and a strong network to rely on, people will be sure to make hires that do more than just tick boxes, but actually add value to a business.

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